May 02

Hmmmm….Virtual Geocaching Trackable Discovering?

downloadOne of the parts of Geocaching that I like is collecting, releasing, picking up, dropping off, and discovering what is called “TRACKABLES”.  Trackables come in two flavors; Geocoins, and Travel Bugs.

Trackables are normally small items that have a unique tracking code on them that lets you track their travels from geocache to geocache. You sometimes find them in geocaches and when you do you can choose to pick it up (Retrieve), discover it, or just leave it alone. Part of the fun is seeing how many total trackables you find while searching geocaches. People also take them to geocaching events to swap and let other people discover them. Because the trackables are only put in geocaches and taken to geocaching events you can usually only get the code by seeing them in person.

What I am starting to find though is that many people are starting to post the codes online like on the website I found HERE. I have also found that many can be found on Pinterest like THIS board.

Personally I try to be very careful that the codes for the over 400 trackables I own never get online.  I want people to see them in person.

So…..what do you think?  Would you log discoveries on trackables that you got the code for online without seeing the actual item? There are no set rules far as I know. Many people log geocaches without ever actually finding them.  Would you consider this the same?

May 01

Mass Geocaching Trackable Logger

You all know how it is.  You go to a local Geocaching event or maybe even a MEGA or GIGA event and you come back with huge lists of trackables you need to log. This can take HOURS!

Well now there is a website that can make this all easier. LOGTHEMALL will automate your logging so that you no longer have to go through all the tedious work.  Just write down all the trackable numbers in a text file and then copy and paste the numbers into the provided field. Click SUBMIT and voila…all the trackables will be logged.  You will have to authorized them access to your account but this is as simple as clicking on Allow Access button when you are taken to the page.


Apr 17

Wandering in Weiselberg

Today Sabine and I visited Weiselberg to do the Wieselberg:Steinernes Meer (Stoney See) Earthcache (GC2EZJR). This was a very cool location.  The Weiselberg is a 280 million year old volcano and since the Roman times has been known for the precious minerals which can be found here. Minerals such at Agate, Jasper, and Chalcedony were mined here from the 1500’s until 1950 when Germany declared it a nature preserve. We walked about 4.25 miles in total. When we started out it was cloudy and cold but later it warmed up. It actually snowed a little bit while we were at the top which lies at 572 Meters.

Apr 03

Geocaching in the Schächelwald

Today Sabine and I  did some Geocaching to get do our daily walk and I found a small Power Trail called the Schächel which is short for Schächelwald. The trail was about four kilometers long and consisted of eight Traditional Caches, one Multi-Cache, and one bonus Mystery cache.

The walk was very slow, about 36 minutes per mile but that is normal for Geocaching since you do a lot of stopping when searching the Geocaches. The trail itself was very nice and it is great to see the plants coming back to life from their long winter sleep. We saw at least three old German World War II bunkers that have been long destroyed. We didn’t see any wild life but that was probably because there was a lot of human traffic in the woods today.

All in all it was very enjoyable to get out and walk in an area that we had never seen.

Here is the list of Geocaches we did.

Schächel 1Schächel 2Schächel 3Schächel 4Schächel 5Schächel 6Schächel 7 – KLW BienenhäuschenSchächel 8 – KirschenlandwegSchächel 9 – KLW SehrpfuhlSchächel – Bonus


Mar 28

Geierlay Suspension Bridge – Germany’s Longest Walking Suspension Bridge

Logo_neu1Today Sabine and I visited the Geirlay Hängeseilbrücke (Suspension Bridge) in Mörsdorf Germany which is the longest walking suspension bridge in Germany.  Travelling by car takes about 1 1/2 hour from Hütschenhausen following Autobahn 62 to Birkenfeld and then Landstrasse 269 to Landstrasse 327 to Hahn and then Landstrasse 421 to Kappel where you get back on Landstrasse 327 and then look for the signs for Mörsdorf when you get to Kastellaun.

The bridge is 360 Meters  (approx. 400 yards) and over 100 Meters (330 feet) high.  It cost 1,200,000 Euro and opened to the public on 3 October 2015.

Parking in only allowed in specific parking lots in Mörsdorf and on the outskirts or the village and costs 2 Euro for the day.  From the parking lot you have to walk 1.2 Kilometer (a bit under 1 mile) to the bridge. The entire way is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Walking across the bridge is not for the timid! Both Sabine and I were a bit nervous while walking across especially since it does sway a bit in the wind and due to the other people on the bridge. I was not sure if we would make it across but once we started out we kept going. We both just kept our eyes looking forward and DID NOT look down!

Once we made it to the other side I took time to find  Geocache GC646DK – Geierlay-Runde #08 – Auflager Sosberg that it right there and then we walked the nature trail though the valley back to the village and our car.

Unless you have GOOD hiking boots I DO NOT recommend walking back via the valley. The trails are not well maintained and they were extremely muddy. Many people were struggling and sliding around and I am glad Sabine and I have good Salomon hiking boots or we would have been miserable. But we really enjoyed the scenery.

This is a really fun day trip from the Kaiserslautern / Ramstein area and I recommend to all.


Mörsdorf and the surrounding area expect up to 170,000 visitors to the bridge every year and expect it to bring in 2,500,000 Euro in revenue. The official website for the bridge is in German and can be found HERE.  The bridge also has a WEBCAM that takes photos.

The village of Mörsdorf has history going back to at least the year 1103 when it was mentioned in the Tithe records of St Stephens Cathedral in Mainz Germany. “Beginning in 1794, Mörsdorf lay under French rule. In 1814 it was assigned to the Kingdom of Prussia at the Congress of Vienna. Since 1946, it has been part of the then newly founded state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Before 1 July 2014, when it was assigned to the Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis, it was part of the Cochem-Zell district.” Source – Wikipedia.


Feb 28

Geocaching – 20160227

Got out with a few Geocaching friends yesterday to do some of the most favorited geocaches in Germany.  I was picked up by Apoll0x and Teak73 we headed out to Bensheim in Hessen where the caches are.  When we arrived at the starting point we were met by Mitchsa & firefly70  and Blind Eagles.

Four of the caches were by Staubfinge0702 who was voted Geocacher of the month for January 2016.  The first cache we did was Die drei ??? which has currently 339 favorite points.  This is a well made cache and recommend you do it with a group of experienced Geocachers.  The second cache we did was Dexter2 that currently has 1299 favorite points and the third cache was Dexter with 1123 favorite points.

All three of these caches were very elaborate and some of the best I have ever seen.

We finished up the day doing three WhereIgo caches.


Feb 24

Trip to Metz France – 20160221

Wifey wanted to get out of the house and walk around so we drove about 90 minutes to Metz France. Everything was closed so we just walked around and did some window shopping.  Enjoy the photos!

Jan 31

Fitness Update – 31 January 2016 – Off To a Slow Start

Well this year has started kinda slow fitness wise since I am currently limited on the amount of exercise I can do because of my cataract surgery three weeks ago.  I have one more week to go before I will start picking up the pace with Nordic Walking and get back in the swing of things.  Not sure if I will start riding my bike to work again or not quite yet because I still fee pressure in my eye when Nordic Walking and I am pretty sure it would be more intense with bicycle riding.

Regardless of the lower amount of exercise I have been able to maintain my weight loss by monitoring my diet.  I have been hovering in the 169 – 171 pound range and was even 172 yesterday morning since I ate a pizza Friday night.  First full pizza I have had since I started my fitness regime.

Fitbit sent me my 2015 fitness statistics which quite surprised me since I only started monitoring my fitness in late September.


Bert's 2015 FitBit Stats

Bert’s 2015 FitBit Stats

I hope to kill these stats in 2015!  Who knows.  4 or 5 million steps seems doable to me!  When I think about 716 miles I think that is all the way from Lafayette Indiana to Keokuk Iowa and back and then to Indianapolis and back!  Crazy!

Well I hope you like my update and continue to follow along.  Please SUBSCRIBE to my blog by entering your email address in the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” block to the right side of this post.  This way you will never miss one of my exciting posts!

Jan 30

New Saddlebags and Sissy Bar for Sabine’s Suzi

I got a great deal on eBay on some OEM saddlebags and a tall sissy bar for Sabine’s 2003 LC1500 Suzuki.  Normally would have cost about $1000.00 but I got it all for under $300.00  These are unused OEM parts!!  So cool! I love riding this bike as much a my Harley-Davidson Road Glide. Sabine really likes the Harley Softtails and the good thing about this bike is that it looks almost exactly like, and has the same ride as a Softtail but does not have the high price tag.

Jan 19

Goal Achieved! – Fitness Update 19 January 2016

 I know I am WAY overdue with an update regarding my fitness efforts. Life has been hectic lately with holidays, illnesses, and surgery. Because of these factors my exercise schedule has been a bit messed up.  I had cataract surgery eight days ago and since then I am not supposed to workout due to the pressure it would put on my eye.  I have another three weeks before I can go back to my previous schedule.  Plus I was sick the weekend prior to my surgery and we had holidays before that!

The great news though is I have achieved my primary weight loss goal!  I actually hit 169.8 pound about two weeks ago but was not able to maintain it and jumped back up to 173.  I actually did not even weigh myself for about three days and started back again two days ago. This morning when I weighed in the scales read 169.1 pounds! So I have exceeded my goal and lost a total of 40 pounds! Now comes the difficult part….maintaining the weight lose while trying to build muscle.  It would be a lot easier if it was not so dang cold outside right now so I could ride my bike to work.  But that would also be out of the question for now due to the eye surgery.  So I will just continue watching my caloric intake.  My plan is to hover between 165 – 170 lbs.  This still considered mildly overweight but I am now the lowest weight I have been in 20 years so I feel really good.

When I started this effort I thought it would be much harder and take a lot longer. I have already bought three new pairs of jeans because the size 36 ones are so baggy on me now.  I went down to 34 inches jeans.  Many of my size large shirts also fit me like a tent now so I will have to try on mediums when I go shopping.  What I really like is now all my dress shirts fit comfortably at the neck.

So I just want to say thank you to all the people who supported and encouraged me during this time.  Especially my wife Sabine that has been working out with me. I’m not stopping though.  Gonna keep on walking and using my tools like FitBit, MyFittnessPal and MapMyWalk.

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