May 2012 archive

Geocaching Gear Bag and Contents

When I first started geocaching I just carried my iPhone and a pen. Little did I know then that I would get hooked to this game and need a whole bunch of stuff! The photo here here shows everything that I currently have in my “Geocaching Gear Bag”. 1. Travel Bug and Geocoins 2. Orange …

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Geocache Sizes – Geocaching 101 – Geo Jedi Training

Photo by CacheMania and used under the Creative Commons license. There are FIVE basic sizes geocaches can be listed as: 1. Micro – A micro size geocache is only large enough to fit a small logbook and maybe a small pencil in the cache container. Typical containers of this size are 35 MM film canisters, …

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Geo JediMeister and TEAK73 first bridge rappel!

Geo JediMeister and TEAK73 headed out this morning to do a Terrain Level 5 (T5) Geocache. The cache is called Operation: Zug um Zug which is Geocache number GC3J5GK. The creator and owner of the cache is Swordfish75. This cache was quite challenging for both of us since we don’t have much experience with repelling …

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Geocaching App Rated #1 Summer App has rated the official Geocaching App from Groundspeak as the number one app for summer fun! I have to totally agree with them! I love the Geocaching app and use it often, especially when I am away from home and don’t have the cache in the area I am in in mt Garmin 62ST. …

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Traditional Cache – Geocaching 101 – Geo Jedi Training

A traditional cache is one where the coordinates provided on the website you obtained them from lead you directly to the cache. There are normally no other stages or requirements to log the cache other then finding the container and signing the logbook. However, as with almost all other cache types, arriving at the listed …

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Geo JediMeister T5 Rappelling near Landstuhl Germany

Well here I am doing my version of a Ranger Rappell! Geocaching near Landstule Germany.

Frau Teak73 T5ing near Landstuhl Germany

Here is Melanie, the better half of Teak73, rappelling down a 20 meter cliff. She is doing great for he second time rappelling and I think he fifth or sixth time down the rope.

Teak73 T5ing near Landstuhl Germany

Here is my buddy Andreas rappelling down a 20 meter cliff on our Sunday Geocaching adventure. He is doing very well for just his third time out. This is probably about his seventh or eighth rappel.

Geocaching an old WW II bunker in near Ramstein Germany (Warning NSFW)

This was a very cool multicache that requires the searchers to enter an abandoned World War II bunker. The bunker is built into a bridge under the old Autobahn 6.

WFGB Wooden Nickel reaches Romania!

WOO HOOO!!! WORLD FAMOUS GermanyBert Wooden Nickel #00234 is now in a cache in Romania and is the first one to reach this country. CLICK HERE to see the progress of this trackable. This trackable has been in quite a few different European countries. The Romanian cache it is called Baba Caia GC20CF6