Geocaching and other GPS games – Keeping kids active on the road

I can remember when I was a child that we at least once a year made a SIX HOUR automobile trip from our home in Indiana to visit grandparents in Illinois and Iowa.  As a small child these trips were very difficult because of the boredom of being cramped up in a car for so long.

My parents did what every other parent back in the 70’s did…they made up games to keep us busy.  There was the alphabet game where you had to look for letters of the alphabet one road signs starting with A and ending with Z. Only one person in the car was allowed to use a letter off the sign so we always tired to be the first.  Another game was search for license plates from different states and count how many from each state that you saw.  When we ran out of games my parents would pop in a Captain and Tennille or Sha-Na-Na 8-Track tape and we would sing it through.  I wonder how many kids today would even know how to play and 8-Track tape!

But eventually the games and singing would end and we would still have three or four hours to drive!!  Then the “Are We There Yet” question would pop up about every ten minutes.  When we got rambunctious we would be threatened with having to putting the seat belt on for five minutes!!  This was the most HORRIBLE of punishments!

Well the kids of today don’t have there problems because of all the GPS and mobile computing technology.

The Paramus Post has a great article about the different programs kids can use while on the road that will help the time pass is also a great way to learn.  You can check out this article here.

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