Teak73 and Geo-Jedimeister go T5!!!

Today Teak73, his family, and Geo Jedimeister went to the T5-Workshop 3.0 – für Anfänger near Homburg Germany.  Teak73 had already done on T5 earlier in the week but this was the first for his wife.  Geo-Jedimaster had rappelled once back in 1986 while in the Army.

Today they learned how to rappel using two caribiners, a prusik, harness, and helmet.  The method they were taught is a very safe JediMaster method for rappelling as long as care is taken and the safety partner system is used.  The safety partner system is that no rappel is started until the rappelers equipment and setup is check by his or her partner.

The event was organized and led by Saarfuchs.  A special thanks also goes out to all the helpers which were too many to remember.

Here are a couple of videos of our team coming down.


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