Visit Clearfield County Geocaching Trail

Clearfield Wooden Nickel

Clearfield Wooden Nickel

In Clearfield County Pennsylvania they take their geocaching seriously.  So seriously that every year for the last five the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority decides on a new trail theme and then makes about 30 caches to take people to locations that fall in the theme category.

The 2011 theme was Cemeteries and this years them is Parks and Recreation.

At certain locations and businesses geocachers can pick up a Clearfield County Geocaching Passport.  Each geocache has a unique stamp which is applied to the passport.  Once 25 of the 30 caches are complete it can be turned in at the Parks and Recreation Department for a special wooden nickel.

You can find out a lot more by visiting their website HERE.

This is a great example of how one location has embraced geocaching as a way to educate the local population about their own backyard and bring tourists to their area.  More cities and countys should follow this example.

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