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Traditional CacheA traditional cache is one where the coordinates provided on the website you obtained them from lead you directly to the cache. There are normally no other stages or requirements to log the cache other then finding the container and signing the logbook.

However, as with almost all other cache types, arriving at the listed coordinates does not guarantee you will find it quickly, if at all. Many traditional caches are very cleverly hidden and even though the container is plainly visible, may take many hours and/or multiple visits to find it.

Here are examples of popular Traditional Caches:

Mingo – Oldest active geocache in the world.
A Cool Cache
The Orc’s Treasure
Geocache – Oldest active geocache in mainland Europe

Some examples I have found are:

Eine Alte Dame
Ein Alte Herr
Pumpwerk Neckarhausen
You Gotta Try This One! (formerly Where Am I)

All the caches on the Beton im Berg trail except for the last one are Traditional caches but all of them are VERY cleverly hidden and may take some time to find. There is a “Bonus Cache” at the end of this trail of caches and at some of the Traditional caches along the route you have to solve puzzles to obtain hints that lead you to the hidden “Bonus Cache”

Here are the Beton im Berg Traditional Caches

#1 Der versteinerte Blick”
#2 Beton im Berg-“Hoch und Runter”
#3 Beton im Berg-“Eisen”
#4 Beton im Berg-“inri”
#5 Beton im Berg-“49”
#6 Beton im Berg-“Spielen!”
#7 Beton im Berg-“Karlsberg”
#8 Beton im Berg-“Wurzelsepp”
#9 Beton im Berg-“Der Anschluß”

I know some cachers that, when they were new, became very frustrated because they didn’t understand that a cache is usually well hidden. They made the same mistake I made in the beginning of thinking all you have to do to log the cache is arrive at the coordinates.

For beginner geocachers I recommend starting with easy “Regular” sized caches with a “Difficulty” rating not higher than 2 and a “Terrain” rating of not higher that 1.5. I will discuss cache sizes, difficulty, and terrain ratings in the near future.

Feel free to add some of your favorite “Traditional” caches in the comments!

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    • Regina on 2012-05-21 at 23:34
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    Thanks for the info, I will stay tuned for more information about cache sizes, difficulty, and terrain ratings.

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