Geocaching Gear Bag and Contents

Geocaching Gear Bag

My Geocaching Gear Bag

When I first started geocaching I just carried my iPhone and a pen. Little did I know then that I would get hooked to this game and need a whole bunch of stuff! The photo here here shows everything that I currently have in my “Geocaching Gear Bag”.

1. Travel Bug and Geocoins
2. Orange high visibility vest.
3. Gloves
4. Pens
6. AA and AAA batteries
7. GPS receiver
8. Screwdriver pen
9. Gerber multitool
10. Flashlight
11. UV lamp
12. Binoculars
13. Extendable magnetic grabber tool
14. Football cards (for swag)
15. 100′ parachute cord
16. Tweezers (to get NANO logs out of Nanos!)
17. Notepad
18. Headlamp
19. Two carabiners
20. Rescue whistle

WOW!!! That is a lot of stuff for just a simple game but I guarantee that if you stick around in this game long enough that you will also need some, if not all, of the items I listed. This list is just for regular geocaches. If I am going for a “Terrain Five” cache I will also need at a minimum.

1. 50 meters of quality climbing rope
2. Climbing harness
3. Approximately six carabiners
4. Figure 8 descender
5. Prusik cord
8. Climbing helmet
9. Anchor sling
10. Safety sling

Some caches are underwater and you will need a swimming suit (unless you enjoy skinny dipping!), canoe or boat, snorkel and mask, maybe even scuba equipment!

Of course you also need a good gear bag to carry all your stuff! I started out with a large Boy Scouts fanny bag but soon realized that I needed a different bag that would enable me to better organize my gear. I can’t tell you how much time I wasted searching that fanny pack for a pen! So take your time to choose a good bag. I currently use the 5.11 Rush Moab 6 bag. I am happy with this bag but think I will need to go to something a bit larger soon. I don’t want to go too large though.

If you don’t want or need to carry all the items on my list here is what I would consider the essential items (other than your GPSr of course!).

1. FIRST AID KIT! – You need know when it will be needed.
2. Spare batteries – I like to carry at least TWO times the amount that all my devices need. So for my GPSr I carry four spare batteries.
3. Pens

Some other items you might like to carry if you have enough room in your geocaching gear bag are:

1. Bug Spray
2. Tissues or toilet paper
3. Camera
4. Sitting mat
5. Tape
6. Extra logbooks
7. Swiss Army Knife
8. Hand cleaner/sanitizer
9. Lighter or matches
10. Telescopic walking stick
11. Sunglasses
12. Cell phone
13. Tick remover!
14. Signal Mirror
15. Compass
16. Extra money
17. Video Camera
18. Extra car key (don’t ask me why I know!)
19. Cell phone charger
20. Ink stamper for logging
21. Aspirin or ibuprofen
22. MP3 player
23. Collapsible hat
24. Rain poncho
25. Dry socks
26. Inspection mirror
27. Disposable gloves
28. Magnifying glass

Wheeeewwww! That is a LONG list! Is there anything that you carry that I missed?

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