June 2012 archive

Mayberryman visits Buddy Holly’s Virtual Cache

I love Mayberryman’s videos! He has so much energy and enthusiasm for Geocaching and he seems ALMOST as strange as me! It would be cool to meet up with him and go geocaching someday.CLICK HERE to check out the video of his visit to the location where Buddy Holly died.

Openmtbmap Update – 24 June 2012

OPENMTBMAP.ORG just released a new update to their awesome worldwide maps. If I understand it correctly they are now available for the MAC which is great news! If you do not know about Openmtbmap.org you should check them out. They provide worldwide maps for Garmin devices for FREE! This is much better then buying them …

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Stick a stick in it! – Clever Geocache Hiding Method

The next time you are out geocaching and are planning on logging a DNF (Did Not Find) log make sure you check all the branches of that nearby tree! This is pretty evil and I like evil caches. I think I should make on like this!! Actually THIS GEOCACHE has been bugging me for a …

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Multi-Cache – Geocaching 101 – Geo Jedi Training

A Multi-Cache is a geocache that requires the seeker to visit at least two or more stages to obtain coordinates or clues before the final geocache stage can be located. There is no limit to the number of stages a Multi-Cache can have. Like a Tradition Cache, a Multi-Cache must have a physical container and …

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Geocaching in Space…well almost!

If we can’t get to a Geocache in Space then it is best to bring the Geocache that WAS in space to us. I heard and interview of E6C on Podcachers about a month ago where they talked about his first SPACE Geocache. Well it looks like he has a second one now and had …

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Tube Geocache Hide!

I really like this Mayberryman’s videos and here is one that shows a cool way to hide a geocache. I have found some similarly hidden and I need to keep this in mind! I also keep a telescoping magnet tool in my Geocaching Gear Bag for just such caches!

Missouri Police Learn from Local Geocachers to Prevent Bomb Scares

The police department in Marshall Missouri met with a group of local Geocachers in order to assist in the identification of local geocachers so bomb scares no longer occur. The Police Chief for the area had some good advice that all Geocachers should follow, “”If you are putting containers out in a public area, please …

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Geo JediMeister’s First T5 Tree Climb – Swat Camp Advanced Training

Here is a video of my first Terrain 5 Geocache that required me to climb a tree. The cache is located about 17 meters up in a tree. This is the most strenuous cache I have ever completed. It too about 15 minutes to go up the tree, open the cache, sign the logbook, and …

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TEAK73 and MERLLAN on the SWAT CAMP T5 Geocache

Here is Teak73 on the SWAT CAMP Basic Training T5 Geocache and MERLLAN on the SWAT CAMP Advanced Training Geocache. TEAK73 and I went over do do these caches on 17 Jun 12 and when we arrived we saw a rope already hanging down one side of the 15 meter high cliff. It was MERLLAN …

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