Geo JediMeister’s First T5 Tree Climb – Swat Camp Advanced Training

Here is a video of my first Terrain 5 Geocache that required me to climb a tree. The cache is located about 17 meters up in a tree. This is the most strenuous cache I have ever completed. It too about 15 minutes to go up the tree, open the cache, sign the logbook, and come back down. I was very thirsty when I got to the cache and the next time I do this I will definitely take my CAMELBAK with me. When I got back to the ground I was completely worn out but I am ready toi go up again!

Big thanks to Team Ramstein for creating the cache and showing me how to incorporate a pulley into my climbing rig. Also thanks to KdoFhr for helping with the rigging and for the short class on how to climb with just prusiks (which I probably will NEVER do).

Equipment used:
50 Meter Rope
Anchor Sling with two locking carabiners
Petzl Ascender
Petzl Foot Sling
Petzl Gri Gri Belay Device
Petzl Williams Locking HMS carabiner
Black Diamond Rappel Harness
Mammut Climbing Helmet

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