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Multi-CacheA Multi-Cache is a geocache that requires the seeker to visit at least two or more stages to obtain coordinates or clues before the final geocache stage can be located. There is no limit to the number of stages a Multi-Cache can have. Like a Tradition Cache, a Multi-Cache must have a physical container and logbook at the final. To get credit for the find the logbook must be signed. Just seeing the container, that is for example, 50 feet up in a tree, does not qualify you for a find.

The stages can have a physical container that provide part of, or the complete, coordinates to the next or final stage or could be a “Virtual” location that provides a clue to the next stage. The clue could be encrypted or require you to solve a math problem to obtain the coordinates. The methods of how the coordinates for the stages are provided are limitless.

Examples of Multi-Caches are:

The British Library
Bamboozled at Kauri Point (Auckland)

Here is the first Multi-Cache I found. It is located overlooking Omaha Beach in Normandy France.

“Fox Red”

While there is no rule against it but I would not recommend for a new Geo Jedi Master in training to choose a Multi-Cache as their first cache unless they are with an experienced Geo Jedi Master. But then again, if you are new and like a good challenge then GO FOR IT!

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