Second Geocache From Space

There is a crazy Geocacher named E6C that has so far sent TWO geocache containers into “Low Earth Inner-orbital Flight” with huge weather ballons. The balloon is sent up with a video camera to film the entire trip to space and back to earth. It also has a GPS tracking device so it can be found once it returns to Earth. E6C then creates a cache for the container exactly where it lands. So when you find this cache and open it up you are touching something that has been in SPACE! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! The cache is located in North Carolina and is called – LEIF MMXII: Geocache From Space!! – GC3P578

According to the Geocache description the balloon and container traveled 20 miles high and went 42 miles east! The total flight time was: 1 hour, 46 minutes and 58 seconds. The ascending time was 57 minutes and 20 seconds (21mph). The descending time was 49 minutes and 38 seconds (24mph).

Here is the video of the flight take off, some time in orbit, and the landing and discovery.

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