Geo JediMeister June 2012 Geocaching Report

GEO JEDIMEISTER GC40June 2012 was quite a big month for the Geo JediMeister and many new milestones were reached.

1. Most Geocache finds in one month – 111 – Previous was October 2011 with 95
2. Most consecutive days with Geocache finds – 31 as of 30 June 2012 – Previous milestone was 18
3. Have now accumulated over 90,000 total Kilometers caching distance since I began Geocaching which is more than 2.25 times around the Earth!
4. Maximum distance in one day of Geocaching – 7103 Kilometers with two Geocaches in Germany and two in Indiana.
5. Found one of the oldest active Geocaches in the world which is also the oldest continuously active Geocache in Europe – GC40. This cache is named “Geocache” and was published on 7 July 2000.
6. Total words I have written in my cache logs went over 250000 (1.3 million characters!)
7. There are now over 3000 finds of my Geocaches
8. I filled in five of the 81 Terrain/Difficulty combinations for a total of 56 complete.
9. Seven of my June 2012 Geocaching days made it into the Top 20 distance days!
10. My travelers have now gone over 1.1 Million miles!

I found Geocaches in THREE countries in June…Germany, USA, and Belgium.

Had a great time with a lot of good friends and completed about seven Terrain Five caches! I learned to rappel at the end of May and now have about 20 rappels! THe highlight of the T5 caches was the SWAT CAMP series near Bruechmuhlbach Germany which is a series of three T5 caches that includes 5 rappels and one 20 meter tree ascent!

Swat Camp

Well I think that is about it! Whew was that a crazy month or what?!

Plans for July are to complete the Saubrenner Runde near Trier Germany which is a power trail of 177 caches! If I am able to complete this in one day it will totally blow out all my previous stats! Only time will tell!

Big shout out to Teak73 who assisted me with many of the caches and especially the T5s which I could not have done without him!

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    • TEAK73 on 2012-07-05 at 16:36
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    Hey commander, seems like you had a great June-caching month…………let’s hit some more T5 caches in July…………

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