East Bethel Minnesota supports Geocaching!

Here is another story of a city in the USA using Geocaching to promote education, science, tourism, and a healthy lifestyle! It is good to see that there are places embracing Geocaching as a great family hobby.

According to Nate Ayshford, “The purpose of this program was to try to create more activities for families and residents to get out and visit our parks and maybe draw in people from other cities to visit our parks.”

Minnesota has also developed the Geocaching Avian Adventure which takes Geocachers to Minnesota’s 76 state parks and recreation areas, as well as the Root River state trail in southeast Minnesota!

I read a recent article about an area in Germany completely outlawing Geocaching. Instead of looking at the benefits of Geocaching, this area in Germany only looked the situation on the side of hunters.

Read the entire article HERE.

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