GeoFreakZ GeoTrails – Magellan and Groundspeak partnership

It seems to me that the riff between Groundspeak and Garmin is getting a bit wider with the latest partnership by Magellan, Groundspeak, and CCI Entertainment, in Canada with GeoFreakZ Geotrails.

It used to be that Garmin GPSr handhelds came with the Groundspeak WHEREIGO program installed but it mysteriously disappeared in the 2011 Garmin models and Garmin brought out their own Geocaching website called Open Caching (which is a story in itself!).

“”Our partnership with CCI’s GeoFreakZ and Magellan turns more locations into adventures, and offers children an excellent opportunity for outdoor recreation without leaving their gadgets at home,” said Jenn Seva, Business Development Program Manager for”

In my opinion the Magellan GPSrs are no where near the quality as Garmin GPSrs but with this new GeoFreaks program in Canada Magellan might bring in more sales to new Geocaches. Partipants of the GeoFreakz Geotrails program are usually new to Geocaching and are given a Magellan Explorist to use to complete the course. If the new cacher likes the hobby they will probably buy a GPSr and since they already used an Magellan will probably go with this brand.

I hope they have some good success so that Garmin is forced to lower their prices.

You can read the complete story on the Wall Street Journal Marketwatch website HERE.

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