Geocaching attracts tourists and brings new revenue to communities

Many times there is a story in the news about how a Geocache caused a bomb scare and money was spent by communities to have the container destroyed by the local authorities. Well here is a story from the Miami Herald Tribune on how communities can bring in new tourism revenue by encouraging responsible Geocaching.

I encourage Geocachers to get involved in their own communities to insure the local city and county council members, police, and fire departments undertand the hobby. This can eliminate many of the problems of when a “MUGGLE” finds a Geocache and calls the police to to report a suspicious object.

Geocaching, a form of high-tech treasure hunting that utilizes clues from a GPS device, is being harnessed by tourist destinations as a new way to draw visitors and encourage them to explore.

Five locations from Washington, D.C., to Park County, Colo., recently launched tours created by Seattle-based company Groundspeak, which runs the website.

The nearest geocaching tour is centered on Cache Creek, British Columbia; it weaves through the region’s Gold Rush country and will have 144 caches by the end of the summer. Several more tour locations are in the works.

“What those destinations want to do is attract visitors,” said Groundspeak Vice President Mark Sherman, who engineered the tours.

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