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Searching for an UNDERWATER geocache!

Mayberryman always makes some great Geocaching Adventure videos and this one is no exception. Check out how he and two of his small buddies go on a cook adventure to search for this cache.

Shoetree Geocache!

Ok….the cache is an LPC (Lamp Post Cache) but at least it is at a cool and unique location.

Templar Geocoin – Antique Gold – TB4FRDR

This is my Templar Geocoin – Antique Gold Edition. I just love these Templar Geocoins. The look and feel like very old coins. After I some of these coins in the hand of other Geocachers I just knew I would need to obtain one. This one is activated you can find its page on …

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Info from the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee Meeting (CGSIC)

I think that probably 99.9% of us Geocachers take GPS technology for granted. We know that there is some kind of satellite signal that our GPSr is picking up, don’t really understand it all, and only wish it was more accurate. We also just want it there for us when we are out geocaching or …

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Magellan eXplorist 310 Review

I found this recent review of the Magellan eXplorist 310 GPSr. The only complaint the author had is that the batteries ran out quickly. He does not mention what kind of batteries he was using but I’ll bet you 10 to 1 they were not Energizer Ultimate Lithium. I get weeks of use out of …

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Geocaching Family Rescued from Cave! Let people know where you are!

Apparently on Tuesday, 14 August 2012, some geocachers got lost or stuck in a cave near Rochester New York. The story does not provide many details but the video does. At the end of the news video is a good video about Geocaching Safety. “Local geocachers say the family that was rescued from the cave …

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Is GPS technology putting you in danger?

We all know the benefits of having GPS enable devices. They lead us through large cities that we have never visited, they show us the way home when we get lost, they help us avoid heavy traffic, they warn us of speed traps. But are they also putting us in a dangerous position because when …

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Rappelling into the FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE! – Geocache GC399MM

On 12 August 2012 a few members of the KMC (Kaiserslautern Military Community) Geocachers made trip to the castle in Frankenstein Germany near Kaiserslautern to do some geocaching! The Ragnars Frankenstein geocache is a Terrain 5 cache which requires the seekers to rappel into a room that is inaccessible without a rope. After the cache …

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Cute kid shows how to make a cool labyrinth geocache

I ran across this video today and thought it was pretty cute. This is an enthusiatic young geocacher who gets help form his dad and little brother to build a cool labyrinth geocache container. I especially like the part half way through when he decides to start giving safety tips. Maybe someday soon you will …

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Excalibur Geocoin Antique Gold – TB4R6HM

This is an Antique Gold Excalibur Geocoin which I added to my collection quite some time ago. This is actually one of the first Geocoins I bought after falling in love with them. This one is activated and you can see its page on HERE. I found an Antique Silver version of this coin …

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