2012 International Geocaching Day – 18 August 2012

Well my two week vacation is over and am back to bringing you great Geocaching news.

Geocaching.com has announced that 18 August of this year is International Geocaching day! On this day all Geocachers who find a geocache, or attend an event, will receive a special International Geocaching Day souvenir which will appear on their Statistics page.

I missed last years event and was disappointed since I missed out on the souvenir! You can bet I won’t miss it this year!

“Thousands of adventurers will attend one of more than 100 International Geocaching Day events around the globe. The events range from Event Caches to CITO Events and include Mega-Events in Germany, Hungary, and the United States.” Geocaching.com

If you would like to find the closest event near your home you can do so here: GEOCACHING.COM EVENT CALENDAR

I am planning on attending the GEOMUSICS 2012 MEGA Event in Zweibrucken Germany. More info can also be found HERE.

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