Rappelling into the FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE! – Geocache GC399MM

On 12 August 2012 a few members of the KMC (Kaiserslautern Military Community) Geocachers made trip to the castle in Frankenstein Germany near Kaiserslautern to do some geocaching! The Ragnars Frankenstein geocache is a Terrain 5 cache which requires the seekers to rappel into a room that is inaccessible without a rope. After the cache is found the caches need to either ascend up the same rope or rappel out of a window to another room. We decided to rappel out the window. We did not not see any signs of the monster. A great time was had by all. Yes….you will hear a bit of English and a bit of German being spoken!

Geocachers were:

Teak73, ItsMillerTyme, NexuZzz, GreenSilverGreyhound, and Geo JediMeister. This was NexuZzz’s first geocache!

After the geocache was found, signed, and replaced a short rappelling course was given to those who had never rappelled before.

First up was Teak73!

Then was Moose from ItsMillerTyme.

Finally Geo JediMeister.

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