Geocaching Family Rescued from Cave! Let people know where you are!

Apparently on Tuesday, 14 August 2012, some geocachers got lost or stuck in a cave near Rochester New York. The story does not provide many details but the video does. At the end of the news video is a good video about Geocaching Safety.

“Local geocachers say the family that was rescued from the cave on Tuesday was doing a cache that was difficult because of the terrain and locaction.”

Please remember to ALWAYS let someone know where you are going when doing a rugged terrain or dangerous geocache. More details HERE.

If you have a smart phone you there are many apps that well let you share your location with others. I use Glympse which sends an email or text message to people I choose. The email or text message provides a link to a map on the Glympse webpage that shows where I am.

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