Red Herring Geocaches – Do you like them?

Have you ever been Geocaching and found a Red Herring? By Red Herring we mean a dummy or decoy geocache. I have found a few and I have to tell you that I don’t care for them too much. I think they are created by unimaginative people who get pleasure out of taking people to uninteresting locations.

The last one I searched for was in West Lafayette Indiana in some bushes in a parking lot behind a business. I found the Red Herring and there was a logbook in it and many people had signed it. I decided to not search for the real geocache or sign this fake logbook that someone had put in the decoy. Rooting around in a bush in a parking lot is just not my definition of fun. Here is the one I searched for – GC1A5PP – Drive Thru Geocache.

Check out this vidao of a person who seems to really enjoy send people on a wild goose chase.

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