October 2012 archive

Oct 31

Geocaches with Deliberately Inaccurate Coordinates – BAD!

It probably goes without saying but I REALLY enjoy Geocaching. I enjoy almost every aspect of this cool hobby. Seeing new places, meeting new people, solving puzzles, group geocaching, and on and on. But I do need to mention that one of my biggest pet peeves are Geocaches that are hidden with deliberately inaccurate coordinates. …

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Oct 30

Geocaching in Europe’s “Lost Places”

I always love looking for a Geocache at one of the many “Lost Places” that are scattered throughout Europe. A “Lost Place”, as they known among German geocachers, is a location that has been vacant and uncared for, for many years. I live in a location of Germany that is right on the southwest border, …

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Oct 28

16th Chinese GPS Satellite Launched

China has launched the 16th GPS satellite for the Beidou or Compass GPS constellation. This GPS constellation is intended to provide GPS service for the Asia-Pacific area by early 2013. It will be ready for worldwide use by 2020. This is vey good new for the Geocaching community since the more GPS satellites available the …

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Oct 01

Another wonderfully beautiful place to Geocache

Found this video today of a Geocaching Powertrail in Portugal. It does not show a find but the view is spectacular! This is one of those times when it is VERY important to keep your eyes on the trail and NOT on your GPSr. Kinda gives me the willies just watching it. I translated the …

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