Geocaching in Europe’s “Lost Places”

I always love looking for a Geocache at one of the many “Lost Places” that are scattered throughout Europe. A “Lost Place”, as they known among German geocachers, is a location that has been vacant and uncared for, for many years.

I live in a location of Germany that is right on the southwest border, close to France, Luxembourg, and Belgium. In this area there are many World War II bunkers, World War I trenches, Roman, and even Celtic (Keltisch) “Lost Places”. We also have a lot of old Cold War bases that are now empty and have become some very cool Lost Place caches. Funkloch #2 is one of the coolest Lost Place Caches in Germany and is located at an abandoned TOP SECRET US Air Force communications base. It is a Nightcache that requires two teams. I went with about ten other people. We started the cache at 2100 hrs and finished at around 0300 hrs!!

Do you have Lost Place caches near you? If so, do you call them Lost Places or something else.

I have made two lost place caches. The first on is The Forgotten Garden of Stone and the second is The Wastelands. Both have quite a few favorite points which I am a bit proud of.

Here is a cool video of a Lost Place Geocaching adventure.

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