November 2012 archive

Earthcache – Geocaching 101 – Geo Jedi Training

An Earthcache is a special type of cache which does not have a container or logbook. The intention of these caches are to take you to a geologically significant or unique location and show and teach you about Earth Science. Earthcaches require that you answer a few questions regarding the location and optionally take a …

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Templar Geocoin Antique Silver – Reference Code: TB4FRA9

This is my Templar Geocoin – Antique Silver Edition. I just love these Templar Geocoins. The look and feel like very old coins. After I saw some of these coins in the hands of other Geocachers I just knew I would need to obtain one. This one is activated you can find its page on …

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European Galileo GPS Satellites Nearing Orbits

Exciting news for all European Geocachers is that two of the GPS satellites, FM3 and FM4, for the Galileo constellation are nearing their orbit. The satellites sent out their first signals at about 2200 hrs on 12 October after a successful launch. On 19 and 20 Oct the satellites were handed over to the Galileo …

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