Compass Rose Geocoin 2012 – Kalahari

This is the Compass Rose Geocoin 2012 – Kalahari. Another awesome geocoin from Coins And Pins. These sold out in a matter of days!

This is a large geocoin at 2 inches in diameter with translucent and solid colors. There is a Swarovski gemstone on the front.

“The “thirsty land” of south-central Africa, the Kalahari is a desert region that sees more rainfall than one would expect. The colors of this coin depict the deep blues and purples of a late night sky, as the sun sinks below the red clay earth, and golden-orange sand dunes of this beautiful region.” – Coins and Pins

I have activated this geocoin so other can discover it. The webpage for this coin is here: TB5GK8W

I have four more of these which are not yet activated if you are interested in purchasing one.

Compass Rose Geocoin 2012 - Kalahari - FRONT

Compass Rose Geocoin 2012 - Kalahari - BACK

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