Compass Rose Geocoin 2012 – Kilimanjaro

This is the Compass Rose Geocoin 2012 – Kilimanjaro. A VIBRANT geocoin from Coins And Pins. These sold out in a matter of days!

This is a large geocoin at 2 inches in diameter with translucent and solid colors. There is a Swarovski gemstone on the front.

“Kilimanjaro, the great mountain of Africa, rises above the Serengeti like an empress…or is it like Olympus? That’s for you to decide. Our standard version this year offers the warm yellows and golds of an African sunrise along with the rich, traditional colors of the Compass Rose Geocoin®, . The base design this year comes from an ancient map of Africa’s Atlantic coast dating back to the year 1590.” – Coins and Pins

I have activated this geocoin so other can discover it. The webpage for this coin is here: TB5GJRE

I have four more of these which are not yet activated if you are interested in purchasing one.

Compass Rose Geocoin 2012 - Kilimanjaro - FRONT

Compass Rose Geocoin 2012 - Kilimanjaro - BACK

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