Agony of The Feet

stillettosHave you ever noticed that women wear some of the most uncomfortable and least practical shoes?

Today while sitting on my Harley, waiting at the stop light, I noticed a young lady waiting for the cross walk signal. She was wearing flats and I thought to myself, as I often do, how uncomfortable women’s flat shoes appear to be. Now I don’t really know if they are uncomfortable but they sure as hell look like it!

This got me to thinking more about the subject of women’s shoe and how most of them look very uncomfortable. Take heals for example. The latest craze is the really high stilettos. The kind like only prostitutes would wear.  How in the hell can these be comfortable….toes all smashed into the front of the shoe.  How the hell does a woman even walk in them?  Do they practice at home? Seems to me that the would break their ankle if they slipped or tripped. Sure they make a woman’s legs look nice but damn! I don’t even understand how they walk on the lower one to two-inch heals.  God knows I could never do it. Gotta give them respect for wearing them though.

And flats….sure they must be easy to walk in but they look like they have absolutely no padding at all. Seems to me that you would feel every little stone and crack on the sidewalk.

I completely understand the riding boots I often see women wearing.  It is so cool that they get to wear them outside their pants. I wish men could get away with this outside the jeans boot look.  I think I will give it a try!  🙂

Since we are on this subject what the heck is up with the price of women’s shoes?  When I look at the nice high heels shoes, most seem to have hardly have any leather but are expensive as hell! I mean they are normally just strips of leather or just a bit on the sides.  With the amount of leather needed you could make at least 100 pairs out of one cow! And it’s not like cows are dangerous. No one had to endanger their life to kill the cow and get its skin.

So ladies….can you explain this to me?  How can you stand to wear these uncomfortable and impractical shoes?

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    • beth on 2015-04-24 at 20:50
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    There is no way to explain the joy of wearing really cute shoes, or how sexy (eweww gross cousin!) A pair of strappy heels can make you feel. When i wear great shoes i feel powerful! Invincable! Ready to take on the world!! It does take practice to walk correctly and i am currently nursing a possible stain on my right calf but it is totally worth it!!!

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