The First Post

I want to blog, to write, to express my thoughts about what I see everyday and the little things that pop into my brain.  The crazy, sad, funny, weird, exciting, boring, horrible, amazing, things…EVERYTHING!
All day I have been thinking about what my first post here should be.  Should it be my opinion about a recent news article, something about one of my hobbies, a funny Youtube video?  I really could not decide so I figured I would just write about my thoughts for beginning this blog.

I don’t think my life is really that interesting that it warrants a blog. I am not famous, I have not done great things. At least I don’t think I have.  Maybe though, after I write more and more  I might find something special.  Maybe I will find a hidden gem that I never saw before.  I do think I have lived a rather unique life.   An American who has lived in Europe for almost two decades now.  But really everyone lives their own unique life.  Some are happy to live a peaceful relaxed life, never straying to far from where they were born and raised. I though have a longing for travel and adventure.  I want to see and experience everything this world has to offer.  I want to push myself to the edge and look over the other side, dangerously dangling over and looking into what is to be seen.  I want to feel the trembling of fear of the unknown and the adrenaline high of taking a chance and succeeding. I quickly get bored of the same old thing and seek new challenges and knowledge. When I am old I want to be able to look back on all the things I did and saw with the pleasure of knowing that I didn’t just sit around waiting for life to happen.

There will be no one subject of this blog, but more of a jumble of things that I find interesting.  I will write about my life, my memories, what’s happening right now, and my thoughts about the future.

I don’t expect my writing to be life changing or spectactular to anyone.  But maybe, if you are following my blog you will find something to make you laugh, or think, or piss you off.  Maybe it will be so boring that you never come back again.  Maybe it will make you hate me.

I am mainly just writing here because I feel the need to write.  I am an open person, probably more than I should be.  I like to talk to people about all sorts of subjects, music, science, politics, religion, recreation, and life in general.


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