My First Terrain Level Five (T5) Rappelling Geocache. May 2012

WOW!! It is so amazing to go back and look at some of my old Geocaching videos.  This one is of the first Terrain 5 Geocache where I had to rappel down a 50 foot cliff to get to the logbook.  I can’t believe how long it took me to get started and arrive at the logbook.

This rappel was done during a Geocaching event near Kirkel Germany and hosted by Saarfuchs who has a great Geocaching blog called SAARFUCHS ON TOUR. The Geocaching listing for this even is found at GC3FAVR.  During the first part of the event we were introduced to all the equipment we would need, how to set up an anchor, and then how to rig ourselves to the rope. We then practiced a bit on a small incline and  did some rappels off low cliffs.  Finally we did the big rappel and that is what you see in the video here.

Very funny compared to my skills today with almost three years of experience and over 100 rappels under my belt.

Rappelling Geocaches are my favorite and I can’t wait to do some more this summer.  Thanks to my buddy Andreas who video recorded this for me.



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