May 2015 archive

Bert’s Garden Update – 27 May 2015

WOOOOHOOOO!!!  My zucchini has it first flower!!  It think it is gonna start taking off now.  This is pretty exciting for me since it is the first zucchini I have ever grown.  I almost killed this plant by starving it at first but I was able to save it and now it is doing awesome. …

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Care – Kid Rock

If you have not listened to Kid Rock lately you might be surprise at the direction his music is taking.  Here is one of his songs, though not quite so new is a sample of his music today.  I love this song and it’s message.  Give it a chance! Cuz I can’t stop the war …

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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden 23 MAY 2015

Over the last week the garden is really taking off.  Tomatoes are really growing well.  I have been learning a lot more about pruning the suckers from family and friends. I added a Chili Pepper plant that my wife bought and one more tomato plant.  At this time there is no plan to add any more …

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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden 15 MAY 2015

Time for the weekly update of my Hydroponic garden. Things are going pretty well. I found out why the last Dutch Bucket in the line was not getting hardly any water. I had thought that my pump was not strong enough but it turns out there was a tiny rock lodged inside the T connector …

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The Association Windy – The First Song I Ever Loved

I want to take you back to July 1967. I was just three years old and living in Rockford Illinois. I don’t remember much of those days but I do remember a song by The Association. When I think back on those times I remember this song….WINDY. This song hit #1 in the USA the month I …

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A Tip For The Ladies

Ladies…if you are gonna be on national TV, please have your moustache professionally removed.

Bert’s 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra

I figured it was about time for me to post some photos of my 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra.  I just spent some time washing it since it is such a nice day.  Always good to take some photos of it when its clean!  Yeah, it does not have a crazy custom paint job (yet), …

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I Can’t Stand to Look, But Can’t Turn Away

I love rappelling off of high cliffs and climbing trees but these Russian kids completely freak me out! When I watch these videos I get butterflies in my stomach and can hardly stand to watch.  Sometimes I watch from the corner of my eye because I am so afraid for these kids. They are doing this …

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WITCH DOCTOR (David Seville) 1958 original version

One of the best songs ever!!

Kindsbach Bunker Geocaching Event – 9 May 2015

Geocaching Logo

Yesterday Sabine and I took a tour through the bunker at Kindsbach Germany, which is small town near us, during a Geocaching Event.  Kindsbach is between Landstuhl and Einsedlerhof Germany. “Close to Ramstein was the site of Air Defense Operations Center (ADOC) – Kindsbach, AKA ‘Kindsbach Cave’ – the site of Europe’s underground combat operations …

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