Bert’s 1st Hydroponic garden

I recently became very interested in Hydroponic vegetable gardening after one of my neighbors introduced it to me last year.  A hydroponic garden uses no soil, only water and nutrients which makes it completely organic.  There are also many advantages to hydroponic gardening such being able to produce a lot of food in just a small location.  Plants grown via this method tend are much healthier which makes them better for you.

This is my first real venture into any kind of gardening and I must admit that I have already made many mistakes. But I am leaning from them and am getting wiser.

The video below shows my basic set up.  I am using  the “Dutch Bucket” system.  Basically you have a reservoir at one end with the water and nutrients (fertilizer).  A pump in the reservoir sends the water through a small supply hose to each Dutch Bucket. Each Dutch Bucket has an opening one side near the bottom that allows the nutrient rich water to drain into a return pipe and back into the reservoir.  Water and nutrients are added as needed.

The video below was taken on 15 March 2015.  Within the next day or two I put my first tomato plants in.  Big mistake!  The next few days we got frost and all the plants died.

I then learned from my neighbor, who is an actual farmer, that I should cover the tomatoes.  Hmmm, I thought, great….more expenses.  So I figured I would wait until April and try again.  In the mean time I was lucky and was able to get a small plastic greenhouse which would cover all four plants.  I put up the greenhouse and then that weekend we experienced hurricane force winds!! Well the greenhouse almost blew away but I was able to save it with some duct tape and parachute cord.

So….come mid April and I decide to give it another try.  Bought three tomato plants and put them in the Dutch Buckets.  Two days later we get a strong freeze and the plants completely froze!!  At this point I decided to give up until at least May and watch the weather forecast to insure we would not have any more frosty mornings.

So please enjoy the video below and I will try to provide updates via posts and videos to keep you up to date.  I will also provide pointers and lessons learned so that anyone else wanting to give hydroponic gardening a try.


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