Roll On – Kid Rock 

Now that I am “Over The Hill” I can really relate to this song. My life, like most people I guess, has been quite a rollercoaster ride. I was pretty wild in high school and in my young adult years. I made a lot of mistakes and hurt a lot of people.

Like in this song, in my early 30’s, I realized that the wild life was not the right path for me. So I got sober and started turning my life around. I am glad I did, because I can only image how messed up my life today would be if I had not. I am pretty sure I would be dead or in jail and I would have hurt many more people, especially family, much more than I did.

And I swear that time’s a trick
It disappears in oh so quick
Man I was just sixteen
And now I’m starin’ at thirty-six
But I’m still havin’ a good time

But I’m staring at 56 and the older I get the more I realize how precious life is and I want to do the right things and live to the fullest. Life sure is a trick and it will slip away from you if you don’t watch out. But yes…I am still having a good time…just in a different way. A way that is healthier and does not hurt others. I am still crazy but I know my limits and when to reel myself in.

And now headin’ for the hill
And I just cannot wait until
My children grow up to have children of their own
And I’ll be telling them about
The times I turned the party out
And how I stood against an army all alone
Drinkin’ wine and stayin’ high
And realized it couldn’t last
And how I turned myself around
And went down another path
And the signs we must observe
When life’s changes do occur
But most of all I’ll tell them
Just how proud I am of them

Life rolls on and on. Many times in the wrong direction. It is up to each one of us to individually realize when we take a wrong turn and do our best to get back on track.

Please listen to the lyrics of this song and you will learn a little about me. Maybe you’ll also learn about yourself. What does this song mean to you? Please comment.

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