Bert’s Hydroponic Garden 9 MAY 2015

Time for the first status update on my hydroponic vegetable garden. First off my zucchini is not doing well. I think this is because my pump is not strong enough and the plant is not getting enough water and nutrients. The water is dripping out of the supply hose but not as much as the buckets before it.  I hope to buy a new stronger pump today but the fish store where I buy my pumps was already closed and is not open tomorrow.  Will have to wait til Monday to get the new pump.  Hopefully this zucchini plant survives. If not I will get another one or maybe try some cucumbers.

The green beans are doing well and so are the red peppers.

Inside the green house I have four tomato plants of different types and they are all doing well.  I added one new tomato plant today.

I plan on putting up more string this week to support the tomatoes and build a frame for the beans to grown up.

So….as of today my garden has survived two weeks!!  That is already a new record for me and I killed my first two attempts within days. I am hoping to eat some of my own vegetables by the end of May. We’ll see!

Next update next weekend!

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