The Association Windy – The First Song I Ever Loved

associationI want to take you back to July 1967. I was just three years old and living in Rockford Illinois. I don’t remember much of those days but I do remember a song by The Association. When I think back on those times I remember this song….WINDY. This song hit #1 in the USA the month I turned three and I believe it was played so much that it has stuck in my head ever since.

I believe Windy is my very first favorite song and 47 years later it is still one of my very favorites. When I hear this song I am always draw back to my early childhood. The 60’s! Such great music and so great to be a kid back then.

Back when I was a youngster I tried to imagine who Windy was. What she looked like. I envisioned how beautiful she was and how she flew around the city. I could see her “Stormy Eyes” as she look from under a stairway. I guess this thought should have scared a young kid but I was fascinated. I saw her flying around the city with her wings!

If you have never heard this song, which seems unbelievable to me then please take a listen. Try to imagine that you are a three year old boy in the late 60’s and what you would have thought when you heard this song.




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