Brutal Motorcycle Crash Compilation

I am a motorcyclist and have to admit that sometimes I ride close to the edge but I always keep in mind that I am not as well protected as those driving cages (cars and trucks). It is NO FUN to wreck on your motorcycle!

This video is amazing. Many motorcyclist like to blame cars for the accidents and while it is true that many go down due to cars turning in front of them, most, in my opinion, are due to mistakes of the motorcyclist. Showing off, driving too fast, inexperienced, etc.

I am glad I did not get my first “REAL” motorcycle until I was about 35.  If I would have had a powerful motorcycle at a teen or in my 20s I am pretty sure I would have done some stupid stuff on it and would probably have been seriously injured or killed.

So my non-motorcyclist friends…if you don’t ride a motorcycle PLEASE watch out for us.  Most of the time motorcyclists are doing at least 10 MPH over the speed limit.  My dad told me this when I was young and it has stuck with me all my life. It is hard to judge in a car just how fast that motorcycle coming towards you is going.

To my motorcyclist friends I say…take it easy.  We all like to have fund and we love the trill that riding gives us.  That why we do it.  But be careful. Always pay attention to every thing going on around you.  Watch out for motorcyclists in front and behind you and be especially attentive of cars.

BEWARE.  The following video is very graphic. Do not watch if you can not handle it.


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