Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Update 12 June 2015

This week my hydroponic garden has really taken off and I am amazed by progress.  Zucchinis are coming in, green beans, and I can not even begin to count all the tomatoes.  One of the tomato plants is all the way to the top of the tent and a second on will reach it this week.  Will have to keep an eye on both to see what they do. It is simply amazing to me how fast the plants have been growing.  It has only been 5 weeks for most the plants!

On Saturday I built a new reservoir for the water and nutrients since the first one was just haphazardly put together.  The one I made now is a bit more professional and I don’t have to take on the entire cap to add, stir, or check the water.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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