Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Update 21 June 2015

Bert's First Zucchinis

Bert’s First Zucchinis

Once again it is time for a video update of my hydroponic garden.  This week we picked two of the zucchinis and will be eating them soon!  The red bell peppers are starting to bloom so we will soon have some of them growing also.  Tomatoes are still going strong and two of the have reached the top of the tent. I am slowly pulling them to the sides so that they will continue to go.

I had to add about 20 gallons of nutrient mix this week and I ran out of the PH UP that I use to bring up the PH level of the water after I add the nutrients.  I have been buying the stuff on Amazon but I learned from my buddy this week that Baking Soda will do the same thing so I tried it out and it works!

I am very pleased with the progress of my garden especially since this is my first attempt. It is very satisfying to know that I am producing my own organic food.

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