Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Update 27 JUNE 2015

Time for the weekly update for my hydroponic vegetable garden. This week we were able to eat two of the zucchinis and there are four more growing at this time!

The tomatoes are doing very well and soon we will have a lot of cherry tomatoes to eat. All of the tomatoes are at the top of the greenhouse now and I am starting to pull them to the side so they have space to grow.  Next year I will definitely need to raise the greenhouse up so they have more room.  I plan to raise it by building pallet walls and securing the greenhouse to them.

The red bell peppers have begun to bloom so hopefully they will start growing now.

The only plant I am not very happy with are the green beans.  There are some on it but the most are not getting very long and there are really not enough to make a meal.  I probably won’t grow them next year.

Overall I am satisfied with the progress.  Enjoy the video!

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