199WOOOHOOOO!! This morning I weighed in at 199.4 pounds!!  So proud of myself! I can’t remember when the last time I weighed under 200 was but I know it must have been at least a few years now. I think I got close a little over three years ago when Sabine and I were going to Weight Watchers.

This time I did it without using an expensive program.  I have finally learned that there is no need to use Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or any other expensive program. All it takes is a decision to change your daily eating habits and begin a daily exercise program.

I have known for quite a while now that I need to do something about my health.  I kept telling myself that I would start tomorrow or next week. I would tell myself I will quit smoking on the long weekend coming up, or after this final pack. But I always seemed to back slide. Right now I am still on the wagon in regards to smoking and I am feeling much better.  No more constant cough, no more weird throat grunting noises, teeth getting cleaner, not getting winded during strenuous activity. All this after only three or so weeks of going cold turkey.

This time I don’t want to back slide though.  My life depends on it!!  The moment my cardiologist said, “You Coronary Artery Disease”, my mind was instantly made up to do something about it.

So on 17 September, the day I went in for my CTA, I weighed 216 lbs with my clothes on so I figure I was probably 211 or 210. Today I weighed 199.4 buck nekkid which is really motivating.

The day I started to change my lifestyle I set a goal of 190 lbs. This means I am half way there!!  Once I make it to 190 I will reevaluate and set another “ACHIEVABLE” goal.  I also will reward myself.  Probably with a pizza plus a gift for myself.  Today I decided my gift to myself when I achieve this goal is a pair of Leki Nordic Walking sticks. I have some cheap generic ones now and I don’t I know exactly why the Leki ones are so expensive but they must be good!! LOL. (BTW….I put the ones I want on my Amazon WISH LIST so if anyone wants be kind and send them to me now I would have no problem with that!)

Sabine is also working on herself. I told her when she reaches her goal I will get her a pair of Leki Nordic Walking sticks also but she said she prefers a bottle of perfume!! I said OK!!

So that’s where I am today and I will leave you with a small tip.

Bert’s Get in Shape Tip for 12 September 2015.  Eliminate ALL soda and sugary drinks from your diet! Yes, this include those that are marketed as “Diet”, “Light”, “Zero calories”, etc…. It also includes beer, wine and any other alcohol. REAL fruit juices are ok. If you are serious about losing weight and getting back in shape drink ONLY water (and coffee and teas of course).  At least two liters a day.

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    • Brad on 2015-10-20 at 04:59
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    Good stuff Bert, and congrats on your success. I’d caution about juice consumption though. It’s full of (natural) sugar and too much of a good thing will start to add up. As you know – moderation is the key (IMO)

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