First bicycle accident!

Well I had my first bicycle accident in about 35 years this morning! It happened very fast and I know exctly what caused it….my own carelessness.


I was about one mile from work when I decided I need to check on my saddlebags.  Looked down to the right to check the right one out and less than a second later I felt the front wheel hit the curb and down I went. I slid a few feet on my right elbow and hip but jumped right back up with no major injuries.  In the split second I was sliding all sorts of  crazy injury thoughts when through my head.  Amazing how many things can go through your mind in such a short amount of time.

When I got back up I looked around and was relieved to see that no one witnessed the fall so I did not lose any cool points.  Am also very glad I did not slide into a parked car, garbage can, light pole, sign pole, or something else on the sidewalk.  If any of those things had been at the location of the fall it might have been a more serious event.

I have a bit of road rash on my my right elbow and right hip now but there is no damage to the bicycle.  Glad I was wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment to include helmet and layered clothing.  The walking pants I got just a few weeks ago held up very well.  I can’t find any holes in them which I am glad about cause they cost about 50 Euro. It was wierd when I picked the bike up because at first I thought I bent the handle bars but it was just that the entire front wheel was turned around backwards.


If I recall correctly my last bicycle accident was back in 1980 or 81.  I was riding to my paper route location which was about two miles from my home.  The evening before I had gone to a Sock-Hop dance and had put vasiline in my hair. Well I got home so late that I did not wash it out and it was still all greasy in the morning.  While I rode to my route I was weaing my favorite jacket and in order to not get vasiline all over the coller I rode with my head down, not paying attention to where I was going. About half a mile from home I felt the bike suddenly stop and I started flying forward.  I looked  up in time to smash my face into the back of a van parked on the street! Man did  that hurt! I had a bloody nose and rode back home crying the entire way.  Told my mom what happen and asked her to drive me to my route but she just said no and to get back out there!  I got back on my bike and finished the route.  That was one of my favorite bikes also! A Schwinn Le Tour II. The bike was ruined after the crash since the frame got bent right at the bottom of the neck.

So I learned my lesson and will stay more alert during my rides. I am making a lot of progress with my weight loss efforts and would hate to have to stop exercising  for a while to recover from a major injury.

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