Lunchtime Ride for 20151116

My lunchtime ride for today was much less eventful than my morning ride to work. No wipe outs! I stopped at Penny Markt to pick up three garden salads to go but on my way to the check out register I realized I did not bring any money with me. This kinda irked me because now I would have to walk past everyone line for the register since German stores don’t let you leave without going through a check point. I don’t like how they treat everyone like a shoplifter. But I guess it might have been a good thing because I got outside and realized I had forgotten to lock my bicycle.  If I had waited in line at the register it might have given someone time to steal it.

So for lunch I ended up eating a plain package of tuna fish. From now on I will make sure I have at least 20 Euro in the pocket of my workout jacket when heading out.

Was a bit of a difficult ride since there was a bit of a headwind as I travelled West which also has small uphill incline. It would have been harder though if yesterday I had not degreased and lubed my chain and gears yesterday.  Also made sure the tires were properly inflated which makes a huge difference in the effort required to make a bicycle move. I always cring when I see people riding around with their tires half flat and their seat inproperly adjusted.

So here is the route an ride details if you are interested.

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