Lunchtime Walk – New Route – 20151117

Well yesterday it was quite wet outside at the time I started my daily Nordic Walk and I decided to try out a new route.  I had not planned on the route being 4.5 miles long but that’s what it turns out to be. I thought I was gonna be able to cut back west a lot earlier and make a three mile walk but the tractor trails in the fields looked to muddy to walk on.  I might try again later when the ground is dry.

Anyway, I still enjoyed the walk even though I got soaked during the last mile and a half.  Now I have another route to choose from so I don’t get bored doing the same route over and over again.

Update on my diet progress: I am hovering around 185 pounds right now and sometimes I wish I would lose weight faster but I am seeing a weekly improvement which is important. I am over half way to my goal of 170 pounds!  

Sabine found a very good breakfast müsli (granola) from a company call Layenberger which is high protein and low carb. We are mixing it with our regular Aldi’s müsli. This is a healthy way for use to gain he protein we need to insure our muscles are not depleted during the weight loss portion of our new lifestyle. You can check it out here: . 

So everything is going pretty good I think. We just keep plugging along and we will slowly make it to our goals.

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