84.4 Pounds

imageThis morning’s weigh in made me very happy! I weighed in at 184.4 pounds which is the lowest I have weighed since leaving the Army in 1998.   This means I have lost just over 25 pounds since I began my weight loss program in late September 2015.

My BMI or Body Mass Index is still dropping and I am now down to 28.9. Still considered overweight but getting closer to my goal of 25.

It really feels great to make progress and stick to my plan. I hope to reduce the cholesterol levels in my heart to a healthy level so my risk of heart attack, cancer, and diabetes is lowered.

I have been counting every calorie with MyFitnessPal and it has helped tremendously! I was seeing a trend that I was eating too much fat and and not enough protein. Well with the app I have begun to reverse this trend and my protein intake is going up while my fat and carbohydrates intake is going down.

Once again I would like to encourage all my family members and friends that know they are not in the best physical health to begin doing something about it. Find a program that works for you and stick with it. The quality of your life will be dramatically increased if you do. If you want help or encouragement just send me a note.


  1. Hey Bert, between you and Q, I’m motivated to do more for myself. I’ve already become more active (but have a way to go) Working on the eating. Eating healthy is actually easy for me once I decide to do it. I’m shooting for 165, but I’m a bit shorter that you guys. Keep up the good work!

    1. That’s great Brad. Nice to know that others also care about getting fit. Sometimes I look around me and wonder why so many people just don’t care and it is discouraging.

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