20151121 – Longest Bike Ride So Far

20151121-RIDEJumped on my bicycle today and decided to ride at least 20 miles to see if I could make. Felt very good but I should have worn full finger gloves instead of half finger since it was about 50 degrees outside and my hands got pretty cold. Also need to find some different shoes to wear since the ones I have are more for summer trail walking and running. I also need to go get some real riding pants. Wearing wanderhose is okay right now but soon will make problems in the groin area. I think I will go to Decathlon and look for a good pair of winter bicycle pants.

I am getting much better at riding up hills and I only had to get off and walk at one point due to a very steep hill with car barriers which make it impossible to ride up or down.

Saw some cool wildlife to include a stork and a red squirrel.  Squirrels are rare in this part of Germany. Also almost get bit by a German Shepard that the owner was not paying enough attention to and had one guy almost hit me as he pulled out of his driveway.

The ride ended up being a total of 22.19 miles and burned almost 1500 calories. I found a nice railroad track that is converted to a walking / bicycle trail which I think I will end up riding more in the future.

All in all it was a great ride and I hope to hit 30 miles soon!

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