German Fines for Insulting People

If you visit Germany make sure you don’t go around insulting people or it could end up costing you quite a bit of money. Besides these below if you call a German Policeman (Polizei) “Du” instead of “Sie” you can be fined up to 600 Euro!! Du is the informal word for “You”. Sie is formal.

Insult Fine
“Du Mädchen!” (zu einem Polizisten) = “You Girl” (To a policeman) 20€*
“Dumme Kuh” = Dumb Cow 300€*
“Du blödes Schwein!” = You dumb pig! 475€*
Scheibenwischer-Geste = Waving your hand in front of your face 1000€*
Stinkefinger zeigen = Showing someone the middle finger 4000€*
“Du Wichser” = You Jerk 1000€*
“Idiot” = Idiot 1500€*
“Am liebsten würde ich jetzt Arschloch zu dir sagen!” =  I would like to say that you are an asshole 1600€*
“Schlampe” = Bitch or whore 1900€*
“Alte Sau” = Old pig 2500€*

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