Weekly Fitness Update – 20151124

Stats are a bit down last week from the week before but still ahead of my weight loss goal of one pound a week. Steps and total distance down since we had to take Sarge der Wunderlab in for surgery last Thursday and since he can not walk for a while we have not been doing our evening walks. Still working out on machines and with weights though.  This week will probably be about the same.

Getting closer and closer to my final weight goal and then will switch to sustainment mode. During sustainment I will monitor BMI (Body Mass Index)  more than weight as I will gain a bit of muscle as I tone. One thing is for sure….daily weight checks are required for  the rest of my life.

The MyFitnessPal app is helping my efforts with weight loss tremendously.  By using it to monitor caloric intake I have been able to make meal and snack decisions that keep me on track. If you are serious about weight loss I highly recommend this app. It is available for iPhone and Android and is completely free. There is a premier member program you can pay like $50.00 a year for but it is not necessary. I might become a premier member to payback the company for such a great product.

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