New Personal Walking Speed Record!

Yesterday for my lunchtime walk I decided to walk the track by my office and try to break my walking speed record. The result….I totally killed it!  I normally walk cross country with a few hills and different terrain. I figured walking the track, which is level and has uniform terrain, would give me a good idea of my true minute per mile. My plan was to walk at least a 15 minute mile pace since I have not been able to maintain this pace while walking cross country.  Well, I totally amazed myself and came in under 14 minutes a mile!

To put this in perspective I started my walking program on 28 September and was walking approximately 19 minutes a mile. In only 10 weeks I have cut my time by 5 minutes a mile!

I have to admit that the Nordic Walking is helping my speed quite a bit since I am also using my arms to move my body.  Nordic walking is kinda like walking in four wheel drive. I encourage anyone who is using walking as part of their fitness plan to get some Nordic Walking poles and begin using them. Don’t get regular hiking or trekking poles since they are not the same.  In a later post I will provide some more information regarding Nordic Walking poles.

Check out my track walk from yesterday here:

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