Sabine Can WALK!!

For over ten years now my wife Sabine has had pain in her feet most of the time when she walked a long distance.  This has always been very concerning to us because we like to be active and we were both afraid it would get to the point where she would need a wheelchair.

Well in September she and I began taking daily walks to improve our fitness.  We started out with short walks of one to two miles.  We could do three mile walks but many times her feet would hurt a lot near the end of the walk.

We slowly started increasing the distance of the walks and about a month ago we realized that the pain she was having is practically gone! She now can regularly walk between four and five miles! All this in only about three months of regularly taking a walk in the mornings and evenings.  Many days she even has a higher step count than me!

This morning we took our longest walk so far of 6.2 miles (10 KILOMETERS!). I am so proud of her and it makes me feel good to know that she is getting more fit and is no longer on the road to needing a wheelchair or walker!  I believe if we keep up with walking on a regular basis we will both become more healthy.

I would like to encourage everyone to begin working out! Yes you will have pain at first but if you work through it you will get better.  A good way is to start out with a short distance or for a set length of time.  Try walking for at least 20 minutes.  Walk ten minutes away from your home and then walk back. You will see that within a few weeks you will be walking farther and farther and it will not hurt as much.  Soon to will be walking a mile in those 20 minutes.  When you are ready change the time to 25 or 30 minutes.  Soon you too will be walking four or five miles.

Make the Earth your Gym!! #earthismygym.


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