180 Pounds! Milestone Number Two Complete

Circle_sign_180.svgHad a good week in regards to my fitness and weight loss program.  On Wednesday I weighed in under 180 pounds and reached my second milestone! I am getting close to my goal of 170 pounds now

The weight loss is going slower now and I can go two or three days without any weight change. These days that I have no weight lose, or maybe go up a little are frustrating but I try to think positively by remembering how far I have come and that there was a time I thought there was no way for me to even get below 200.

So now I have officially lost over 30 pounds. It feels strange to say that.

Right now it is a bit difficult to stay under my daily allowed calories since it is the holiday season. We had our office holiday party on Friday and so I skipped breakfast and dinner.  I did eat enough at the holiday party to get all my calories and nutrients.  Last night we went to the Sankt Wendel and Katzenbach Weihnachtsmarkts and it is difficult not to get a bratwurst or greasy steak sandwich.  At the Sankt Wendel markt I got a turkey gyros and at the Katzenbach markt I got a potato pancake.  I was very close to going over my allowed calories but made it.  Might be going to another Weihnachtsmarkt today and so will eat before going.

Now I just need to make it through Christmas dinner without overdoing it and I think I will be on a good start for the New Year.

Oh yeah….I almost forgot to mention.  Yesterday I RAN two and half miles! Since Sabine was not feeling well and did not workout yesterday I decided to make my morning walk a morning run. It was difficult but I made it the entire way and averaged a bit over 12 minutes a mile.  I may try to do that once a week.  I did have some chest pains but not too bad. I will be sure to let Sabine know which route I am taking anytime I decide to run.

So overall I am pretty happy with my progress.

That’s my report for this week. I hope you enjoyed it.

Below is my most recent FitBit summary with dates 30 November 2015 – 6 December 2015.


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