Weekly Fitness Update – 20151213

Still doing pretty good with my fitness program.  Have slowed down a bit due to the holidays and weather but still managing to get in at least one workout a day. Also since Sarge der Wunderlab had leg surgery we are unable to get out as much.  He is not allowed to run until at least April 2017.  It really helps when I can ride my bike to work since that is over 700  calories burnt.  Starting to workout in the gym at work during lunch. Thirty minutes on eliptical machine and 15 minutes in the sauna.

I am noticing that as  I near my goal weight of 170 that the weight is coming off slower and slower.  Looks like it might acutally take 10 weeks to lose the last 10 pounds to get to 170 pounds.

I have also really cut back on my lunches.  I eat a good 700 calorie breakfast which gets me through the day and for lunch I am eating a 181 gram package to raw tuna which is 3.2 servings.  This gives me low calories and a LOT of protein.  This leaves me with about 1400 calories left for the evening so I can have a good dinner and healthy fruit and vegatable snack.  I stop all eating at 8 PM so all the food has time to digest before my morning weigh in.

Below is my weekly FitBit progess report for 7 – 13 December 2015.  Luke and Julie are kicking my ass in step count! I had a good calorie deficit over 7000 but only a .4 pound change in weight.  I won’t let that get me down though.  As long as I am still going down I am happy.


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