Shields up ready for Mars shot | Cosmos

When we finally do get a human space flight to the planet Mars the spaceship is going to look a lot different to what I have always imagined. This technology is simply amazing to me. This article shows us that the spaceships we see in the movies such as Star Trek’s Enterprise and Star War’s Millennium Falcon could never really exist. At least not with the technology we have today.

Of course this will change over the next 100 – 200 years as technology advances.  Think about it…100 years ago it would still be over 50 years before humans travelled to the moon.  So 100 – 200 years from now it could be that travel to the Moon and to Mars may be as common as flying from London to New York is today.

Superconductor deflects cosmic radiation away from interplanetary spacecraft.

Source: Shields up ready for Mars shot | Cosmos

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